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We have over 15 years of professional experience in the field of Home Health Care services. As we base our mission on our commitment to enhance our patient’s quality of life, our Services are provided ensuring that our performance reflects our dedication for individualized support that our patients need..


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Personal Care Services


What is Personal Care Services? For us at Tenderness Health care our Personal Care Workers are people who naturally love caring for people.

Skilled Nursing


Skilled nursing is a term that refers to a patient’s need of care or treatment that can only be done by a licensed nurse.

Physical Therapy


Physical therapy is a type of treatment you may need when health problems make it hard to move around and do everyday tasks.

Home Health Aids


Home health aids are a valuable part of any health care team. Home health aides (HHAs) assist patients with completing important personal tasks.

Personal Care Services

What is a PCW?


A Personal Care Worker is a member of the home care team who assists the client with the tasks of daily living and personal cares as outlined in a written care plan that is established by a Registered Nurse who works in conjunction with PHHS.



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Personal Care
Personal Care
The occupation of attending to the physical needs of people who are disabled or otherwise unable to take care of themselves, including tasks such as bathing, management of bodily functions, and cooking.
At Tenderness Health Care companionship refers to company, friendship or the state of being with someone in a friendly way. We go that xtra mile and make sure our clients are more than friends but family. your never alone with our staff.
Grocery & meal preparation
Grocery & meal preparation
Meal planning and preparation for seniors can be a difficult task without the proper support and supervision. Individuals who may have unique or specific dietary restrictions may find planning, shopping and preparing meals an overwhelming.
Tenderness Health Care Aids also can assist with personal hygiene care, toileting/incontinence care and transfer assistance, as well as homemaker tasks like reading, cleaning, transportation, cooking nutritious meals and providing companionship, we can help someone maintain their customary routine of helping with light laundry.
Light housekeeping
Light housekeeping
Our Qualified Caregivers offer light housekeeping & domestic duties that ensure your loved one's home remains a clean and healthy environment. Our list of “Light Housekeeping & Domestic Duties” services include, but are not limited to: Home cleaning (vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, dusting) and ect. as approved by our staff.
Meds Reminder
Meds Reminder
Our aides insure that our clients take their medications at the right time. Our staff will create any type of recurring reminders for our clients. example (every X hours, specific times, daily, weekly, monthly, every X days, etc). We also help tracks the remaining quantity of each medication and shows a refill alert when running low.

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